Ally & Mike: Nutfield Priory Hotel & Spa: J’Door Photography: Surrey Wedding

The story of how Ally & Mike got together is absolutely lovely and I adore it. I knew we would work amazingly well together when we met for coffee to have our consultation. They are the most genuinely beautiful couple and I have a lot of time for them!  On their wedding day, I felt as though I was capturing two friends opposed to “clients”.

I arrived at Nutfield Priory Hotel & Spa to begin capturing the bridal preparations! Nutfield Priory Hotel is a 19th Century Mansion House which is described as “eccentric”. I was blown away by its beauty.  Various photo opportunities within the mansion house itself left me excited to capture the detail shots as well as the entire day.

Walking through the main lobby, you are greeted by a few wellington boots & umbrellas (perfect for country walks) then through to the Grand Hall which overlooked by a balcony. Wood panelling surrounding the room, a beautiful organ dating back to 1874 and a marble surrounded fireplace makes for an incredibly inviting room.

I headed upstairs and met the girls who were in full swing of having hair & make up completed. They had eaten brekkies, started on their coffee missions and were having the most chilled out morning. 

I borrowed Ally’s dress and ventured to the library where I delicately hung it with a background of vintage books. Floor to ceiling bookshelves provided me with ample space and creative energy to embark on my “detail” mission.

The girls were ready with so much time to spare – I can honestly say it was the most organised and chilled morning that I have ever photographed.  I adore having free time as it gives us the opportunity to capture as many bridal shot as we can squeeze in. What a treat. Shout out to Lucy Workman MUA for providing the ring light…. Ive worked with Lucy a few times and everyone loves her lighting!! BUT her skills as an artist are unreal and I can’t recommend her enough.




Ally & Mikes ceremony was held in The Gibson Room. A gorgeous intimate room overlooking the Surrey Downs. Mike was anxiously awaiting his gorgeous brides arrival… I was super excited for his reaction when he saw not only Ally walk down the aisle, but also the gorgeous little Olivia (their daughter).  Ally’s Dad would be walking her down the aisle, the smile on his face as he waited for his daughter was one that shall always stick with me!

The time arrived for the ceremony to begin, Ally walked down the staircase with her bridal party in tow. One elegant and beautiful bridal party it has to be said.



It has to be said, that we had rain throughout the whole day for Ally & Mikes wedding, but this didn’t stop our fun.  After the gorgeous ceremony, we utilised the archway into Nutfield Priory for group photos. Olivia chucked on her welly boots and splashed about in the puddles. One thing for me when capturing weddings, is capturing YOU.  So if your little one wants to splash about in puddles, then let me capture those images of them being well… them.

I took the opportunity to grab some beautiful photos of Ally & Mike too whilst we could.  I think the photos say it all about how beautiful their wedding was. It captures their day, their personalities and the love so well!

As usual… MTA Events provided one EPIC party!! I know its going to be amazing when I see MTA rock up!

Anyway, less of my words… take a peek at the epic images!

J’Door Photography






Mr & Mrs Rumbol: Crowne Plaza Felbridge: East Grinstead: Sussex Photographer

How have I not blogged this wedding already?  Meet Tony & Charlie!  The most awesome couple who have a gorgeous fur baby and are both total gym lovers. We met for cake and coffee to discuss their wedding requirements in the cutest vintage coffee shop in Horsham: They both let me know how much they dislike being in front of the camera, so of course, in true J’Door fashion, I invited them to a pre shoot to get them used to it before their big day!

Their wedding day was on the 27th December 2018. What a festive and loving day for a wedding.  I had been given a Fuji X100F for Christmas by my very generous boyfriend so I took that along with me to play. Honestly, it is the best camera I have ever used.  Lots of people thought I was rocking a vintage 35mm film camera! Super sassy.

Sorry, back to the wedding day!  I parked up at Crowne Plaza Felbridge and located Charlie with her girls getting ready in one of the rooms. They were SO chilled out and it was a beautiful atmosphere to get ready in. Well done girlies. Charlie showed me her wedding shoes and I was rather blooming jealous to see a pair of sparkly purple Doctor Martens in front of my eyes! YES CHARLIE!!! She even had a pair of cute white socks with frills to go with them. Scroll down to see them!

I popped across the hall to see how the chaps were getting on!  I was greeted by a rather nervous Tony.  I know Tony through work and he is normally very chatty & confident so it was rather sweet seeing him that way! Tony will want me to say he was holding it together really well so I will add that in too 🙂 I left them all to it whilst I nipped back in with the girls for the finishing touches.  Can we all just take a moment to appreciate those absolutely stunning flowers. Breathtaking and such a talented florist.

Also… WHAT A DRESS!!! Teamed with the Dr Martens, Charlie looked a million dollars. Such a naturally beautiful Bride with a huge heart.  Take a peek at the gorgeous bride below.

The time came for the ceremony, the nerves were at a high as was the excitement. It was such a delight watching Tony’s reaction as Charlie came down the aisle linked to the arm of her Father. A gorgeous ceremony was celebrated with reception drinks and canapes. I managed to convince the guests to come outside with me into the freezing temperatures for a few group shots.  I don’t think I have ever worked quite so quickly in order to maintain the guest’s warmth! As I knew the light would be lost very quickly, I borrowed Charlie and Tony for a few couples shots with the intention of doing more in the evening using backlighting (they did not disappoint).  Guests were called through for the wedding breakfast followed by the fantastic speeches. I got lost in the giggles and emotions of the speeches, they were spot on.

Onto the dancing, another crowd that didn’t disappoint with their dance skills. The first people on the dance floor were Charlie’s grandparents.  In fact, I don’t think they ever left the dance floor and were certainly better dancers than me!

Take a scroll down to view the awesome images from Charlie & Tony’s special day!

You will find a list of suppliers at the bottom of the page!

Fuji Low Res (1 of 76)Low Res (10 of 621)Low Res (19 of 621)Low Res (62 of 621)Fuji Low Res (11 of 76)Fuji Low Res (13 of 76)Fuji Low Res (15 of 76)Fuji Low Res (25 of 76)Fuji Low Res (27 of 76)Fuji Low Res (28 of 76)Low Res (75 of 621)Low Res (80 of 621)Low Res (83 of 621)Low Res (106 of 621)Fuji Low Res (26 of 76)Fuji Low Res (38 of 76)Fuji Low Res (36 of 76)Low Res (111 of 621)Low Res (115 of 621)

Fuji Low Res (40 of 76)

Low Res (138 of 621)Low Res (139 of 621)Low Res (144 of 621)Low Res (145 of 621)Low Res (154 of 621)Low Res (164 of 621)Low Res (179 of 621)Low Res (181 of 621)Low Res (191 of 621)Low Res (253 of 621)Low Res (262 of 621)Low Res (274 of 621)Low Res (287 of 621)Low Res (290 of 621)Low Res (296 of 621)Low Res (298 of 621)Low Res (302 of 621)Low Res (310 of 621)Low Res (318 of 621)Low Res (334 of 621)Low Res (336 of 621)Low Res (342 of 621)Fuji Low Res (57 of 76)Fuji Low Res (51 of 76)Fuji Low Res (49 of 76)Low Res (346 of 621)Low Res (351 of 621)Low Res (395 of 621)Low Res (396 of 621)Low Res (412 of 621)Low Res (421 of 621)Low Res (444 of 621)Low Res (452 of 621)Low Res (459 of 621)Low Res (492 of 621)Low Res (506 of 621)Low Res (507 of 621)Low Res (510 of 621)Low Res (514 of 621)Low Res (523 of 621)Low Res (527 of 621)Low Res (553 of 621)Low Res (555 of 621)Low Res (559 of 621)Low Res (578 of 621)Low Res (595 of 621)Low Res (610 of 621)Low Res (613 of 621)Low Res (619 of 621)


Suppliers List:

Dress: Wed2Be
Hair & Make up: Martine Turner HMA
Suits: Apache Menswear & Debenhams
Room Decorations: Beyond Expectations
Bridesmaids Dresses: Boohoo

The Wedding of Val & Brian: Wasing Park: Surrey Photographer

Where do I begin with this beautiful wedding? Well, at the start maybe? I met Val & Brian whilst I was living in my house share at the beginning of 2018. They were part of the furniture at the house and I would sometimes head home to Brian playing the guitar in the kitchen. One song in particular that I remember is “I won’t back down” by Tom Petty.

Anyway, without me rambling, they asked me to be their wedding photographer! What a blooming treat. We had a cup of tea and chat about their day and let me know their venue – the amazing Wasing Park in Reading. I googled the venue (of course) and was blown away at how stunning it was. Plus, it had a church on site, how special is that?

The 9th October 2018 came around blooming quickly. The weather was glorious! My grandad used to say that word a lot so it is possibly one of my favourites “glorious”. It was probably one of the most bizarre days for me as the Groom preparations were happening in my house… so waking up to the Groom having brekkies was pretty strange and rather comical. I left the lads to it and headed off to Wasing Park to meet Val and her girls. They were getting ready in such a spacious and airy room. I get super excited when the lighting is on point in venues as it seriously helps with photography.

Once the girls had their hair and makeup prepped, we headed upstairs to the bridal suite which had the BIGGEST bed I have ever seen. I am sure 8 people could fit in there? Maybe more. Well… what a gorgeous suite to do some photos in. Val’s Dad came up the stairs are greeted her ready to walk her down the aisle. I did have to giggle as she adjusted his tie making sure he looked perfect.

The ceremony was held in the small church on site. Brian’s face, as she walked down the aisle, was a treat… oh and he was cleanly shaven. He hadn’t been clean shaved for a while! With a beautiful, intimate ceremony complete, they were greeted by their guests with confetti and excited faces! I think the photos say it all.

Following the traditional ceremony, the family then conducted the receiving of the bread ceremony just outside of the garden room. The guests were treated to canapés and drinks whilst the group shots were taken, the chaps were in uniform so I am under strict instructions to not show these images off but I can assure you they are AWESOME. Imagine knights in shining armour surrounded by girls in beautiful dresses… got that image in your head? That is exactly how the group shots looked. THEN imagine a group of strong women in their bridesmaids dresses holding up the groom… yep! That happened too.

The boys headed off to get changed into their suits and I borrowed the girlies to do some gorgeous shots of them together. Family shots followed then the guests were called through for the wedding breakfast. I think you will agree that the breakfast room is pretty stunning.

Speeches had me in stitches… there were a lot of heads being held in hands during the father of the bride speech. The favours were super cute – little chests and I still adore the table decorations. The centrepieces were simple yet stunning.

I stole Val & Brian for their couples shoot after the speeches. This is always a welcome time for the Bride & Groom to just be “them”. It’s a time for them to talk through the day and take in everything that has happened so far. It was a right giggle photographing these two, particularly after a couple of glasses of Champagne at the wedding breakfast.

It was then time for the party to stay and BOY what a party. At one point, there was even a cat at the party? I mean, what kind of wedding party has a cat rock up and join in? It was blooming awesome.

Thank you, Brian & Val, for letting me capture your wedding and allowing me to celebrate your day with you!

The Wedding of Mr & Mrs Standish: Ali and Rob: Wotton House, Dorking.

Surrey Wedding Photographer:

Wedding Date: 29th March 2019:

The wedding of Ali and Rob was absolutely beautiful! I adored every aspect of their day and their dog Albi even came along to congratulate them after the ceremony. The day started at Ali’s family home, she had her girls helping her get ready and it was in full swing when I arrived. The moment came when Ali got to walk down the stairs to greet her dad who was waiting at the bottom and it was a stunning moment.  I couldn’t help but tear up as it was just one of those blooming special moments.

The ceremony:

The ceremony was held at St Giles Church in Ashtead… I have to admit, it is a rather gorgeous church.  I found myself looking around at different aspects of it.  The guests were treated to a harpist – such a chilled and gentle instrument.  Ali was walked down the aisle by her father, another moment where I managed to get myself teared up! (this is normal, apparently, other photographers do this too!)

With the ceremony finished, we headed outside for a few group shots as well as a quick catch up with their dachshund Albie. He was awaiting their arrival in a little bow tie. Such a smart chap!

Wotton House, Dorking: Reception Venue:

The guests made their way to Wotton House, Dorking, Surrey where the reception was to be held.  Wotton is one special kind of place.  It’s a 17th-century country house surrounded by breathtaking gardens. It has to be one of my favourite venues simply because of the outstanding grounds and I can’t fault the staff. They are spot on with their hosting of both the wedding as well as looking after their suppliers.

Greeted by their toastmaster, it was time to relax and spend time with their guests.  Group shots were completed within the stunning gardens of Wotton House. You will see by the photos how lucky I am to be able to shoot with not only a blooming awesome bunch of people but also, the venue is incredible. The finer details of the day including the wedding breakfast room show’s you just how much effort and thought Ali & Rob had put into making their day perfect.  I think you will be able to agree by taking a peek at the photos on that one!

Couples shoot time:

I stole the newly married couple for some couples shots, something that is really important on the day!  It is time out for the newlyweds to breathe and take in the day so far. I treat it as a little walk with the camera, stopping them here and there to capture something truly wonderful. Couples shoots don’t tend to take too long, and I am happy for your videographer to come along too.  Ali and Rob were pro’s during their couples shoot and my goodness, their photos are blooming gorgeous!

The guests were called in for the wedding breakfast and speeches were to go ahead first! I don’t think I have ever laughed so much during a set of speeches. They were spot on!  I sometimes find myself lost in the atmosphere during the speeches, you may find me laughing or crying!  It all depends on what is being said. Either way, the images I captured did make me chuckle during editing as I remembered what was said!

A quick turnaround from the wedding breakfast into the evening slot!  The dance floor was created, a beautiful lit up “LOVE” sign by From The Hart Display Hire was bought on in and the party was ready to start!

All I will say about the party was EPIC DANCING!!! The BEST dance floor photos I have ever captured. We had people doing the worm, we had “catch a fish” going on… the full works.  What a treat!

Where do I end this blog?  Well… I will leave you with some amazing photos to browse through and the links for the suppliers are at the end.  Take a peek at them, I truly do recommend each one.

Ali and Rob – you rocked your wedding! Thank you so much for asking me to capture your day.  It is a wedding that will certainly stay in my memory and I absolutely adored your day!


Low Res (18 of 682)

Low Res (89 of 682)Low Res (98 of 682)img_1928

Low Res (115 of 682)Low Res (123 of 682)Low Res (134 of 682)Low Res (135 of 682)Low Res (141 of 682)Low Res (148 of 682)Low Res (149 of 682)Low Res (150 of 682)Low Res (151 of 682)Low Res (157 of 682)Low Res (159 of 682)Low Res (166 of 682)Low Res (178 of 682)Low Res (186 of 682)

Low Res (197 of 682)Low Res (222 of 682)Low Res (224 of 682)Low Res (229 of 682)Low Res (376 of 682)Low Res (382 of 682)Low Res (386 of 682)Low Res (429 of 682)Low Res (430 of 682)Low Res (435 of 682)Low Res (460 of 682)Low Res (477 of 682)Low Res (478 of 682)Low Res (485 of 682)Low Res (498 of 682)Low Res (510 of 682)Low Res (521 of 682)Low Res (523 of 682)Low Res (535 of 682)Low Res (544 of 682)Low Res (547 of 682)Low Res (548 of 682)Low Res (562 of 682)Low Res (575 of 682)Low Res (584 of 682)img_1913img_1915img_1912img_1914img_1916img_1919img_1920img_1918img_1921img_1917Low Res (608 of 682)Low Res (610 of 682)img_1931Low Res (620 of 682)Low Res (624 of 682)Low Res (646 of 682)Low Res (651 of 682)Low Res (652 of 682)Low Res (640 of 682)Low Res (678 of 682)Low Res (682 of 682)


Dress: Brides Visited
Suits: Moss Bros.
Hair: Brides amazing bridesmaid Charlotte
Make up:
Lucy Workman
Perfect bouquets by lesley
Top Table Flowers:
Flowers by Elaine
Cake: Made by the Bride herself!!
DJ and Pianist:
MTA Events
Bridesmaid Dresses:
Flower Wall:
Soirée Events
Ceiling Drapes/tables:
LOVE Sign:
From The Hart Display Hire
Ash Videography Films

#BlenheimPalaceTri 2019

High Res (11 of 190)

1st June 2019 was a bloody exciting day. Myself & Guy headed to Blenheim Palace for him to compete in his first Triathlon. With limited training, nerves were high (for both him and myself!) I have never been to such an event so I didn’t know what to expect. The venue was absolutely gorgeous and such a treat to photograph in.

My new Fuji XT-2 was at my side with the 18-55mm (kit lens) attached. Totally wasn’t prepared with a zoom lens, but that will be the next bit of kit. It was the first time using the kit and I wasn’t disappointed.

The 26-degree heat didn’t stop these warriors from being amazing and winning at life!! It was an epic atmosphere and it has totally inspired me to maybe train for one myself.

Huge well done to all involved!

Click the below links to find out more.

All images are low res and copyrighted to J’Door Photography. Do not edit or change the images in any way. Images must be credited to J’Door Photography.


Why you shouldn’t scrimp on your wedding photographer:

Wedding Photography – one of the biggest expenses of your wedding day.  But why?

Like most independent small business owners, photographers spend quite a lot of time searching for clients and marketing their hard work. The chances are you will contact a few different photographers to get prices in the run up to your big day, but you should be careful how you compare these quotes.

The most important thing is to choose your photographer based on their work… not just on their price. You will find someone whose work you love, or if you are really lucky, maybe even two. At this stage, the next step is to actually meet (or e-meet) your photographer.  Chances are that when you meet them, you will know if it’s the right match for you straight away!

You should remember that when you hire a photographer, you are hiring that person to capture your most special moments of your day, and you need to be comfortable around them, so you feel at ease in front of the lens and can relax and have fun.

Photographers don’t earn £X per hour just clicking a button, there is so much more to it that than.  You need to factor in the hidden time and monetary investments. Take your hairdresser, for example, they charge £50+ for a hair cut which may be an hour or more… Reasonable when you think about the overheads, the equipment, the water, the skill, the training, etc…

The charge for an hours shoot (not a wedding mind) doesn’t cover just that hour…  it covers the following:

Planning of the shoot and kit prep (30 mins at the least)

Travel to and from the venue (1-2 hours)

The actual shoot then culling the images when you get back

Another 2 hours + to edit the images, then an hour or so to upload them. You are then looking at featuring them in blogs.

It’s easy to justify how much you are spending on your hairdresser because you can physically see the effort that has gone into the cut. However, with photography, you can only see the final images.

The Equipment:

The equipment photographers use is expensive. Let’s face it, professional photographers will usually have one or two cameras for a wedding to limit the number of lens swaps. What you don’t realise is that they also have a back up (or 2) for emergencies. Though many photographers are “natural light” photographers, like myself, lighting may still be a necessity for the speeches or first dance shots. I will always ensure I am bringing my lighting kit with me in case the venue is dark, I never want to be unprepared.

Lenses for cameras are blooming expensive too, your basic kit lens that comes with a DSLR just doesn’t cut it for a wedding. You may find photographers using them but I use prime lenses – Sigma Art 35mm, Nikon 85mm, and Nikon 50mm. These are my go-to lenses purely because they are fast and beautiful!  I do also have zoom lenses and wide angle lenses for the church (when the vicar doesn’t want you at the front and the extensive group shots).  You also have to take into account the expense of the editing programs and laptops/desktop computers to edit on. Then there is also the external hard drives required to back up the images. So much to think about that is behind the scenes.

But enough of the kit talk. I’m sure you will agree, it’s jolly expensive

Those hidden expenses…

Photographers also pay what your other small businesses pay.  You should expect your photographer to have public liability insurance at the very minimum & many will have public indemnity insurance in this as well. Faster internet is required to complete those uploads of your wedding (large files) and all the marketing expenses…

The photographer:

Most photographers will have also spent years perfecting their “look” and have an in-depth knowledge not just of their profession, but how to make your wedding day work. Many people say that their photographer was the most helpful person on their wedding day, from getting people organised, to doing up the bride and bridesmaid’s dresses. Don’t underestimate how key it is to hire the right person behind the lens. Keep in mind that these types of people will typically cost a bit more, as they are in high demand!

Ultimately, when you are looking back at your wedding day (which will seem like a blur), there are three things that you are going to use to immortalise that day;

1) your own memory – priceless

2) your beautiful photos  – investment here is worth it

3) your videographers work  – if you chose to have one.

Your professional photographer will capture all the details of your day, from the tiny table decorations to the entire wedding breakfast room.  They will even capture the small favours that you have spent so many hours deciding on. I can understand that spending money on a photographer may seem super scary, but just remember, they are going to be the ones that capture every single detail of your rather beautiful day.  One of my favourite things to capture are the tiny details because you guys can be so creative! It amazes me.

If you can’t afford the photographer you have fallen in love with, it’s always worth asking if they can meet your budget. However, please bear in mind, that asking for a really big discount (I have had people ask for over 50%!), can be a little insulting for a good photographer who takes a lot of pride in their work.

So… I am not saying I don’t enjoy my job, because I blooming love it! Photography is my biggest passion! I purposely only take on a limited amount of weddings per year so I can put my heart & soul into each wedding that is booked. I spend most of my free time editing or marketing – that is how much I love my work!  I feel super honored when I am booked as a photographer and absolutely adore each and every wedding I attend!

If there’s one thing you take away from this blog, let it be that you get what you pay for. An experienced professional photographer will capture your day in the most perfect way, as well as be a friend to you and your guests so that your whole day comes together seamlessly.

Hopefully this snapshot has given you a better insight into the wonderful world of a wedding photographer, and how to choose the right one for you 😊

Thank you for your support and thank you for reading!

Head over to to find out more!

Louise & Leigh Got Married: Venue: Newdigate Old Greens Barn: Sussex & Surrey Wedding Photographer

Meet Louise and Leigh – the most awesome, down to earth couple you will ever meet. Louise got ready at The White Horse pub in Dorking, the inside of the pub is amazing with so many places to photograph the details. Her beautiful bridesmaids were on hand to keep her calm and of course, there were minor mishaps which had the girls giggling.

During the pre shoot for Louise and Leigh, we discussed bringing dogs along to the wedding which I was FAR too excited about, this didn’t happen but Louise arrived at the church on a horse and carriage. Absolutely breath taking.

Leigh had a box of roses delivered to Louise on the morning of the wedding; what an absolute sweetheart!!  Speaking of flowers, their florist melted my heart and her creations were spectacular. Such a fine art for detail and an absolute gem.

Following their beautiful ceremony at the local church, we headed to the reception, Newdigate Old Greens Barn. One epic place – a farm with hidden treasures for group shots and couples shots. It overlooks a lake and there are so many sheds/tractors to play on! Louise and Leigh had a jungle theme which worked super well with the barns vibes. Take a peek at the detail shots.

We had an amazing time doing the group shots, lots of giggle, various poses and of course epic photos 🙂 The couples shoot involved welly boots, sheds, tractors and hay bales!

I’ve submitted this wedding as it was THE favourite of last year for me. Louise and Leigh are a wonderful couple with so much love for each other that is so evident in the images.


high res (84 of 719)



high res (235 of 719)



high res (318 of 719)

high res (359 of 719)


high res (404 of 719)               high res (400 of 719)

high res (394 of 719)

high res (413 of 719)

high res (438 of 719)

high res (444 of 719)



Wedding Day Tips: Sussex/Surrey Photographer

Your big day has come around quicker than you realised, you are stood in your dressing gown surrounded by your friends and family and you are about to start the biggest day of your life… Its not a dress rehearsal, its the real thing…  YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!!

That all sounded super scary right? Well… Here are some tips from a photographers eye view on how to make your day run that bit smoother…

  1. Pack a bag of emergency go to kit: kalms tablets, rescue remedy, a crochet hook (for dresses with endless buttons), a sewing kit, a little pair of scissors, plasters, baby wipes, a pack of tissues… you may not use it, but its there if you need it.
  2. Try and eat a big breakfast! You won’t be eating for a while, you may not get a chance or may not fancy eating the canapés so get some food in your belly to last you a few hours 🙂
  3. Remember its YOUR big day, pick a chief bridesmaid or an excellent usher that can take on the burden of any issues that may rise during the day. They can be the point of contact for your suppliers etc.
  4. Not everyone can afford fancy wooden hangers, but try and get your bridesmaids dresses to have matching hangers. It makes for an awesome photo.
  5. Trust your photographer with any creative ideas they may have. I always recommend meeting your photographer before the wedding to make sure you are on the same wave length, you can work together and you both understand each others ideas.
  6. Try and leave yourself 10 minutes before you are due to have your meeting with the registrar. Your morning of getting ready will go SO quickly and it will be time to walk down the aisle before you know it. If you leave yourself 10 minutes, you will be able to collect your thoughts and be truly present as you walk down that aisle.
  7. If you are having a church wedding, have the person running the ceremony contact your photographer/videographer: OR have your photographer etc contact them to ensure there are no issues with being at the front whilst taking images. Some churches don’t allow photographers to stand at the front and only allow them to stand at the back taking photos.
  8. When you are walking down the aisle, take your time. Allow your bridesmaids to go first and take their seats, then follow slowly. Your photographer will want to capture you walking down the aisle in your beautiful dress and capture you as a whole.
  9. Take 5 minutes out with just you and your new husband/wife. Take in the day and enjoy those moments together. Maybe also take some time for yourself, you may find yourself surrounded by people for 12 hours, so if you can, grab 5 minutes to yourself to breathe, reset and carry on 🙂
  10. Your photographer may want you to do a couples shoot with them… If you do, then just go with you & your tog(*photographer). No one else. Its a private moment and you will feel more at ease without anyone else lurking with their cameras. Maybe invite your videographer too?
  11. You may feel you are “on show” for your whole day, and maybe you feel you can’t be yourself which will make you overwhelmed… so go do something “normal”. Grab a beer, or an orange squash to get you back to feeling YOU. If you fancy a cuppa… go and get one!
  12. Create a schedule of your day, provide that to your caterers, photographer, videographer and any other suppliers you may feel it will benefit.  It means they have a breakdown of your day and don’t have to keep bugging you.
  13. Try to either do your speeches AFTER or BEFORE your meal. Don’t do them during. No one knows whether they should be downing their cheesecake or listening to the speeches. Then you will have the conscious guests that don’t want to be photographed because they are eating so it all gets a bit complicated.

Well that’s it, 13 tips. The above are basic tips that will help you with your day, but all in all, have an AMAZING day. You’ve got this!